13 out of many is a short animation that selected 13 out of the many people who helped shape the Canada that we know today, thanks to their contributions to the sciences, arts, and politics. Something is mesmerizing in observing great women transforming into each other having as a background historical images. It invites the question of why and to a posterior examination about their lives and their contributions.
There is a juxtaposition between traditional and contemporary techniques conversing as they represent the passage of time and the importance of looking back to history to move into the future. The people’s faces have been illustrated in my style using carbon pencils, and these faces are animated using traditional frame by frame animation while the blending between images is done using an algorithm in Python that randomly selects patches to then move them where they may better fit, giving the illusion of transformation. The whole animation has been put together using contemporary computer software, and it is juxtaposed by the background of found footage of events taking place in multiple cities of Canada, events recorded using film. 
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