A post-apocalyptic skating Video Game
Created by Box Meat Revolution​​​​​​​
No one knows what caused the eternal winter to envelop the entire planet Earth. What people do know is that if you want to go to the corner store to get a loaf of bread, you have to navigate your way through a treacherous ice-field where one wrong step can leave you flat on your back, and once you get to the corner store you find out there isn't any bread because all the crops got frozen over, and furthermore you can't even get to the corner store at all because the rule of law has broken down and there are ice-skating hooligans all over the place, so before long you have to don your own skates and go skating around looking for seeds so you can grow your own bread once all this "eternal winter" nonsense blows over.
This game ranked 14th on Game-Off-2019
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Play the game on our collective's site at Box Meat Revolution
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