Journey to hell and back as a pawn with an unholy power.
Choose one of three random chess moves each turn. Click all of the elevator buttons to go deeper. Kill an enemy hell-pawn at the same time as clicking a button to get a bonus move. Bonus moves are very important for clearing later levels, so use them wisely.
Chess Hellevator participated in Ludum-Dare 48 where it ranked 28th overall and 7th in innovation. It was also featured in Ludum-Dare 48 Staff Picks.
Where Can I Play it?
Play the game on our collectives site at Box Meat Revolution
The Team
We are BoxMeatRevolution, a small team of hobbyist game developers who participate in game jams, particularly Ludum Dare. We are always experimenting with every game—either through gameplay, new development tools, or overcoming technological hurdles.
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