This piece is meant to shine light to the growing tendency of eating healthy to a degree that it starts taking over your life. Commonly known as Orthorexia Nervosa, this unhealthy obsession for eating healthy starts as a harmless choice of only intaking wholesome ingredients, but, eventually, the diet becomes so restrictive it affects other activities and becomes physically and psychologically dangerous. The obsession for eating healthy and the guilt and shame that follows not having done so connects the behaviour of Orthorexia Nervosa sufferers with the same obsession about calories and weight than anorexic and bulimic people experience.
In Fruit and Yogurt the handle is perfectly polished and ideal for presentation but, in the functional sides of the spoon and pick, the surfaces are uneven and hammered. The polished handle references how Orthorexic behaviour is accepted and respected within today's society standards, while in practice it is problematic. The bowl of the spoon has been designed to also represent troubled eating in its function: while the beginning of the bowl rounds well within the mouth, the bowl gets deeper when taking the spoon out of the mouth, blocking the opportunity of getting a proper mouthful of food.
Ideation Drawings

While the subject matter of my piece has always been Orthorexia Nervosa, the main challenge of coming out with a form was to design a spoon that could convey all those meanings in an interesting and visually appealing product.
Preliminary Design
Orthographic Projection Drawings
Photo Documentation
Final Piece
The piece keeps true to function by having the functional thinness of a utensil: it is meant to carry yogurt and pieces of fruit. The weigh of the utensil is appropriate for its use, and because of its length it has a nice lever balance. The head of the pick has been kept pointy, but rounded at the end so that it is not dangerous. On the other end, the bowl of the head has a curved finish, being lower when closer to the neck and high at the end of the spoon: this design does not allow a complete, proper mouthful when in use.

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