Let giving be part of your lifestyle.
Online shopping is increasingly becoming part of our lifestyles. Horizon leverages our shopping patterns and habits to make giving a part of our routines. 
This online shopping platform drives value in two levels: Matching users to their already-associated brands and checking users with the charities their values align with. Our application addresses the common issue of not knowing where to start when you want to start giving. Horizon makes it fun and straightforward to find trustable charities based on high-level interests and takes away the hassle of not knowing what charity to support,
Test the prototype:
We have learnt that many people purchase items that they don’t need to be eligible for the free shipping offer. Some return the items while others simply create more waste. Our strategy is to prompt people to donate the amounts they need to be qualified for free shipping. Additionally, we stimulate customers to donate a portion of their savings.
Through partnerships and collaboration with brands that attempt to meet corporate social responsibilities, the app encourages young people to aim for goals, achieve, and be motivated to give without feeling financial pressure.
This project is co-owned by Nikole McGregor and Christina Park
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