Toronto: Another Profile is a set of looping animations that portray a reimagined skyline of Toronto, with iconic buildings and landmarks holding unreal proportions and random geographical orientations. This whimsical skyline is adorned by the eccentricity of the city, as we have monocycle riding raccoons close to the OCAD U building while the screens of the Yonge-Dundas Square, instead of publicizing ads, show the geographical locations that make the tapestry of this multicultural city. ​​​
Four Seasons Hotel Artwork CompetitioN
"Toronto: Another Profile" was shortlisted in the Four Seasons Hotel Artwork Competition. This piece is now displayed on rotation at the d|bar at the Four Seasons Toronto.  
For this 5760 x 864 screen installation, 3 special versions of "Toronto: Another Profile" were prepared.
At first sight, everything in this skyline defies the knowledge of the city as we know it. However, on a second sight, it contains the warming, welcoming feeling of belonging that is deep seated in Toronto.
Yonge-Dundas Square
Public Digital Exhibition 2019
From March to April 2019, a special version of "Toronto: Another Profile" is exhibited over five (5) digital screens on the Square: two horizontal (960 x 480 pixels) and three vertical (448 x 608 pixels).
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