A container conceals away, under the gaze of unknowing viewers, the very nature of the object that it encloses. I am combining two different uptakes to the word “container” by utilizing the object as an enclosure and as a display medium. The enclosure is meant to cover the elements that make us feel ashamed or broken, and that we are not prepared or willing to share. The display is meant to exhibit what gives us strength and pushes us forward. 
Digital Sketch
From a practical point of view, my container carries pills and holds my ring while doing manual work. But its real meaning moves further away from it. My container will carry with me the pills that I have to take because of the side effects of years of living with anorexia and bulimia. My container will conceal those items that are the testament of my mental health. It adds beauty and practicality to the ritual of medication, erasing the morbid image of a canister obtained at the pharmacy, finally giving more agency to the user who will be able to control the way in which others will perceive the exercise of medication.
Paper Model
Forming the Silver
Soldering the Pieces Together
Finished Piece
The final piece was built in its entirety with Sterling Silver. As it can be observed, the construction of the cover lid is minimal, so the interior of the first layer of the container is visible to the viewer. This connects with notions of openness and comfort with others: how much we are willing to share. 

The constructivist approach to the hinge and cap, that answer to function, contrasts with details of the outside of the piece that responds to Art Nouveau style.

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