This project is an immersive video installation that uses video holograms, mirrors and an involving soundscape to create an absorbing experience. 
Small fairies over floating platforms welcome viewers; their movement is subtle, yet continuous. They are colorful and beautiful. These unbodily figures resemble those that poetically fight body constrictions in innocent posts that one could find on their Facebook feeds. They are bold and different, each with their own characteristics and shape. 
By making holograms of those two dimensional images, we are taking them away from our walls and bringing them towards a real world, a world that is not so accepting of different beauties.

The Animation
Themes and concepts​​​​​​​
While the war against body shame is strong on social media, our project is a commentary on how those expressions are kept as simple two dimensional ideals. By bringing the images to the tridimensional realm, we are bringing the fight against body shame to the real world.
The style used in the design of the fairies is the typical type of illustration that one would find on Tumblr and DeviantArt, which are often not formally recognized as “art”, and do not have a space in contemporary galleries due to their perceived commonality. Thus, our installation also aims to validate their visual style as art by formalizing them through the use of space, repetition and the conceptualization of their significances. 
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