Aches is a one minute, mix media animation that focuses on pain as a by-product of creation. It sets the motion of the artist’s body as its focal point and how repetition, for the sake of creating, produces pain. By only using action driven imagery, this animation will connect the repetitive motions of 4 artists while they create each other, in pain, completing a loop.
As an English as a second language speaker, I have always been mystified by the world “ache" since it perfectly describes how my body feels everyday, every-time, constantly. That dull and prolonged pain is easily discarded and, after a while, becomes part of our daily lives. 
Repetitive motion injuries are common in many fields but, while other professionals might feel attracted to rest their injuries and heal, artists find themselves in a different position: making art is not a vocation one can take some time off. However, there are better work practices and self care exercises that artists should be considering. By presenting the situation and the pain to them outside of their bodies, I hope artists will realize that living in pain is not normal and that there are things they could do to improve their lives.
I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
Puppet Building

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