Aches is a one-minute mixed-media animation that explores the relationship between pain and creation. The animation centers on the repetitive motions of four artists as they create, highlighting how the pursuit of art can produce physical pain. Through action-driven imagery, Aches connect the artists' motions and their resulting pain, completing a loop that underscores the sacrifice involved in creating.
As someone who speaks English as a second language, I have always been struck by the word "ache" and how it perfectly captures the daily, ongoing pain that many of us experience. Repetitive motion injuries are common in many professions, but artists face unique challenges in that creating art is not something they can simply take time off from. As a result, artists often push through pain and discomfort, accepting it as a necessary part of their work.
Through Aches, I hope to bring attention to this issue and encourage artists to prioritize self-care and better work practices. By showing the pain outside of their bodies and in a visual medium, I hope to make artists aware that living in pain is not normal or necessary. There are steps they can take to improve their physical well-being while continuing to pursue their passion for creating art.

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