"Despair" is a thought-provoking animation that uses a range of animation techniques to explore the issues surrounding access to safe abortion. This project was inspired particularly by the current situation of women in Peru and the United States. As an artist with a strong commitment to social justice and feminism, I believe that it is essential to respond to the current situation of female body policing in different parts of the world.
In "Despair," I have chosen to work without dialogue, trusting the selection of images and sequences to convey a clear message. This full-color, sound animation blends 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation into a single thematic video. The audio samples of male politicians and public figures from the USA and Peru denying women's ownership over their bodies add an additional layer of commentary. The animation is guided by easy-to-recognize visual analogies and creates a non-narrative space that allows for a deeper exploration of the complexities of the issue.
Animation is a powerful medium that allows for the portrayal of complex ideas and strong messages in a subtle, beautiful, and lingering way. Since my subject matter carries many connotations, animation provides a wider range of alternatives to distill these complex undertones in a more dynamic manner. Through "Despair," I hope to contribute to the ongoing conversation around access to safe abortion and to challenge the stigma and body policing that restricts women's autonomy over their own bodies.

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