A little girl finds a magic wand... what on Earth can go wrong?
Building Puppets: 
After building the armatures out of Aluminum wire and epoxy putty, I tested some materials to make the puppets weightless. First I carved the skull on styrofoam, then sculpt the face with synthetic lightweight clay. Finally, I used latex to cover all the skin that was going to be visible. I used the dust from NuPastels to do the makeup and add depth to the facial features.
Final Puppets:
Set and Shooting
Final Film:
This piece has been exhibited at:
2019 11th CMS International Children's Film Festival (ICFF) - Lucknow - India
2018 GradEx Exhibition - OCAD University • Toronto, ON - Canada
2018 Xpace External Space - Xpace Cultural Centre • Toronto, ON - Canada
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