In this project, I aim to provide a shared experience to the viewer by deconstructing fragments of my memories. Through pure observation of the visual elements, I challenge the viewer to engage with the pain and psychological distress associated with my experiences. 
My short animation, Sunken, explores the emotional state of a person suffering from eating disorders. I hope to change the conversation around eating disorders by focusing on the feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and depression that motivate compulsive behaviours. 
To create this animation, I employed a range of techniques from traditional to digital animation. Frame-by-frame rotoscoping and digital puppetry are used to create an immersive environment that translates the feelings of inadequacy. Digital animation is juxtaposed with stop-motion to create a more contemplative scene in which the erratic movements connect with mental anxiety. 
The prevailing understanding of eating disorders simplifies them as vain responses to beauty-driven media, while ignoring personal relationships, the need for human interaction, and depression as contributing factors. This oversimplification leads the public to trivialize eating disorders, attributing them to self-infliction and placing blame on the sufferer. 
The stigma associated with eating disorders further isolates those who suffer from them and can prevent them from seeking professional help. Through my project, I aim to challenge these misconceptions and promote a deeper understanding of the complexity of eating disorders.

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